For Children 2.5 years old & above, Teens & Adults

(Royal Academy of Dance, UK)

Apart from body control, flexibility and proper alignment, Ballet also develops cognitive thinking, builds discipline, confidence and cultivates good posture and poise. After all, Ballet is the foundation for all dance genres. Fundamentals include posture, body alignment, core, balance and rigorous techniques. For toddler dancers 2.5 year olds and above, start off with our popular Preschool Ballet classes.

Our nurturing and passionate dance educators are extremely experienced and teaches with a good grasp of child psychology. We make the emotional, psychological and physical development of each child a priority.

Our dance teachers will ease your child right into our classes and make them fall in love with dance! Learn through props, storytelling and themed classes, our Ballet curriculum and lesson plans are customised according to age groups and progress of each class, based on the internationally-recognised Royal Academy of Dance (RAD, UK) syllabi.

For Teens & Adults who want to learn the grace and elegance of Ballet while exercising, our Beginner Adult Ballet class is perfect for you. A wholesome class which covers Strengthening & Conditioning; Barre and Center dance exercises; Across the Floor and Variations (Ballet choreographies), immerse yourself in French terminologies used in Ballet, classical music mixed with pop songs, learn about famous Ballets and dances such as Swan Lake.

In our safe space, we meet you where you are - whether you are a complete beginner in Ballet or stopped dancing for years. We want our dancers to leave the studio feeling fresh, poised and confident about the beautiful things they can do, through Ballet.

  • Dance Techniques: Ballet, Creative & Lyrical Ballet, Character Work and Free Movement (for older dancers)
  • Royal Academy of Dance (RAD, UK) dance vocabulary and French terminologies
  • Body Conditioning & Strengthening exercises
  • Performance, expression and stage work
  • Theme-based Storytelling and Creative Imagery to make learning fun and interesting
  • For Adult Ballet Classes: Theme/Story-based Exercises for Strengthening, Barre, Center, Across the floor, Variations
  • A ballerina who expresses and performs with enjoyment from the heart
  • Healthy progression and preparation to participate in yearly RAD Ballet examinations and assessments
  • Passionate and ready dancers will be carefully trained for stage and competitions
  • A confident dancer with a well-acquired sense of balance, coordination, spatial awareness, control, posture and poise
  • A self-motivated dancer who is passionate and excited about dancing
  • Children aged 2.5 years old and above, teens & adults
  • Parents who want their child to learn Ballet taught in a non-conventional, 21st century teaching approach that focuses on nurturing and building each child up, especially for dancers below 6 years old
  • Dancers who want to be properly accredited in their dancing by an internationally-recognised dance body (RAD, UK)
  • Dancers who want to build a sound foundation in Ballet to pursue dance recreationally, or as a career option
  • Dancers who want to perform either recreationally and/or competitively
  • Teens & Adults Dancers who are new to Ballet or stopped dancing but would like to experience the joy and beauty of Ballet again


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